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September 20, 2017

Marketing Interactive

MyTOWN taps on sound as latest shopper marketing tool

MyTOWN shopping centre is tapping on Soundscape, a series of uniquely composed music that magnifies different segments of the shopping centre according to different zone, as part of its latest shopper marketing tools.

In a statement, MyTOWN shopping centre which emphasis on its signature “customer journey” mall concept, said it wants to provide shoppers an immersive shopping experience with a fresh auditory experience through Soundscape

MyTOWN said its latest marketing initiative aims to further boost its brand identity – which is local at heart, with a Scandinavian touch. The Soundscape merges Malaysian and Scandinavian elements to produce an artful and transcended series of sound that traverse throughout the community-lifestyle centric shopping centre.

“We wanted to provide a more detailed customer journey experience to our shoppers by providing suitable ambience to their time here at MyTOWN, elevating their mood and energy,” said Joakim Hogsander, general manager of MyTOWN shopping centre.

A soundscapes composition contains both organic and electronic instruments, sounds from nature, voices, musical harmonies and different atmospheres. Following closely to key elements found in sound and music of computer games, MyTOWN’s Soundscape provide listeners an auditory experience that brings forth the architecture and interior designs of MyTOWN while creating a “seamless” customer experience, said the company.

Spearheading the project, Martin Hallberg, creative director of RADJA added, “We have chosen to work with some of the finest instrumentalists, who have the ability to make their instruments sound like everything from wild birds and the wind to rustling reeds and electronic insects by using only ordinary cello, guitar or flute. As a complement, we also used a completely different sound sources, such as wind chimes, voices, electronic instruments and various computer programs.”