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With the opening of the Padini Concept Store, it reinvents the way Malaysians shop forever. The store houses all brands under one roof – bringing new meaning to the phrase “one-stop-shopping”. With all brands within reach in just one store, the shopping option is set to create a fashion revolution for men, women and kids (one of the main plus points being its shopper-friendly feature). The brands are Padini, Seed, Vincci, Vincci Accessories, PDI, Padini Authentics, P&Co & Miki.

With all these brands at just one epicenter, customers can expect to stretch their shopping experience. They’ll love the multitude of options to mix and match and shop multi-brands in just one interior. Some brands will be sporting a new look at the Padini Concept Store, giving the floor a fresh appeal and ambience.

Expect the same wide choices, variety and most of all value-for money from all the brands. But look out for the unique retail experience. Quick turn in styles assures that the most up-to-date fashion is available to shoppers when it matters. Multi-brands housed under one roof provide shoppers a big plus to create a personalized look with time-saving options. Plus, one can never get bored with so many things to shop for in just one store!

And those under time constraint will love shopping at Padini Concept Store. Although the Padini Concept Store is extensive, clothes are presented in a simple, fuss-free manner so shoppers can head to what they favor straight away. Layout is kept clean and minimalistic, giving the shopper an uninterrupted vista to zoom in on a particular item with no time to lose.

The store boasts of the most leading and cutting-edge design in retail. Colours and materials provide a unique retail environment while making the store a friendly and comfortable shopping experience. In short, the Padini Concept Store will go beyond the commercial and become a visual and sensory encounter.

G-056, G-067, G-068 & G-069


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