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NELSON’S is Malaysia’s largest home-grown corn and snack food franchise with over 80 outlets throughout
Malaysia. It’s founder Datuk Seri Nelson Kwok Teng Toong is the first individual to conceive the corn in cup concept inthe world. The Nelson’s group’s integrated farming and processing ensures constant supply and quality of sweetcorn for local Nelson’ outlet as well as the overseas market.
Nelson’s concept evolved from years of developing a combination of good quality, delicious and affordable foods for retailing to all segments of consumers. Our flagship itemis corn in cup and other popular items on the menu are local ais potong, belgian waffle, ice blended corn & cappuccino, dorayaki japanese pancake, chicken sausage, bubble tea and other takeaway items to suit the palates of all ages. The recent innovation of freeze dried corn has brought another healthy and nutritious snack to the market for all to savour.

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