EnerG X NinjaZ Warrior Challenge

14 Apr 2019


  1. The Challenge is limited to the first sixteen (16) registered groups only.
  2. Participants are required to form a group of four (4) consist of two (2) male and two (2) female members in a group to join this Challenge, with aged from 16-50 years old.
  3. The submission period for the registration entries shall end on 9 April 2019, or upon reaching the target of the first sixteen (16) groups of participants.
  4. Participants below age of eighteen (18) shall mandatorily obtain consent from their respective parents/legal guardian.
  5. Register link: https://goo.gl/forms/USGIkJKaKSDGfHCs1
  6. All participants will be notified through email for attendance confirmation or to be listed in the waiting list.
  7. Participants must register their attendance at least thirty (30) minutes before the start of the event. Late-comer will be deemed to have abstained.
  8. Any group of participants shall not replace any of their registered members without prior notice or any valid reasons and the replacement shall be subject to the approval from the Management.



  • 1st Prize : Beats Studio 3 Wireless Headphone x 4 sets + Goodie Bag
  • 2nd Prize : Fitbit Charge 3 Tracker x 4 sets + Goodie Bag
  • 3rd Prize : BeatsX earphone x 4 sets + Goodie Bag

Terms and Conditions:

  1. EnerG X NinjaZ Warrior Challenge (“Challenge”) is open to all shoppers age between 16-50 years old except employees of Boustead Ikano Sdn Bhd (“Management”), employees of concessionaires, advertising agencies, MyTOWN’s tenants and their respective immediate families.
  2. By participating in the Challenge, the participant and/or parent/legal guardian agrees to be bound by this Terms and Conditions and any rules and regulations of the Challenge made/imposed by the Management.
  3. Management reserves the right to disqualify any Registration entry for the Challenge that do not meet the rules and regulations including entry submitted with incomplete, invalid, or incorrect information.
  4. Acceptance of the prize shall constitute consent on the participant’s and/or parent/legal guardian’s part to allow the use of the participant’s name, image, video footage, voices and/or likeness by the Management for editorial, advertising, promotional, marketing and/or the other purposes without further compensation in any media for an unlimited period of time except where prohibited by the law.
  5. In the event of any discrepancy, the Management’s decision will be final and no appeal shall be entertained. If due to any circumstances beyond control where the Management is unable to provide the stated prizes or any part thereof, the Management reserves the right to substitute the prizes with any item of equal or greater value, to be determined at the Management’s sole and absolute discretion.
  6. All participants and/or parent/legal guardian unconditionally agree to assume full liability and responsibility to the extent permitted by law in the event of any loss of monies, valuables, belongings, mishap, injury, damage, claim, or accidents (including death) suffered as a result of or arising from their participation in the Challenge and/or utilization of the prizes.
  7. All Participants and/or parent/legal guardian understand and acknowledge that there are inherent risks associated with the Challenge and for the participant’s own safety and the safety of other participants and to avoid any untoward injury, participant shall obey all notices and all directions, instructions or requests that may be posted, given or made by the Management/organizer of the Challenge at all times.
  8. Participants has to be physically fit and unaware of any medical condition which would prevent participants or any child/minor for whom parent/legal guardian is responsible from engaging and participating in the Challenge.
  9. Participant and/or parent/legal guardian consent to receive medical treatment which may be deemed advisable in the event of injury, accident and/or illness resulting from participating in the Challenge. Participant and/or parent/legal guardian has to confirm to have medical insurance to cover any injury or damage that participants or any such child may incur or suffer while participating the Challenge, failing which participant and/or parent/legal guardian agree that all medical costs to cover the aforesaid injury damage or loss will be borne wholly by participant themselves and shall not hold the Management’s responsible.
  10. The Managementreserves the right to change, amend, and revise this Terms and Conditions without prior notice at any time and the participant shall be bound to such changes.
  11. Each individual participating to the Challenge acknowledges that in respect of any Personal Information disclosed by him/her to the Management: a) he/she is authorized to disclose such Personal Information; b) such disclosure complies with Personal Data Protection Act 2010 and any Privacy Legislation from any country, within the geographical scope of the Contest; c) he/she is consented to the use of such Personal Information by the Management as contemplated by the Challenge application (including, without limitation, the disclosure of such Personal Information to the Management’s external agencies or third parties); he/she have read, understand and agreed to the terms and conditions of this Contest, and consent to the processing of Personal Data as described in the Management’s Privacy Policy which is available at: http://www.mytownkl.com.my/en/privacy-policy/ under the Personal Data Protection Act 2010.

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