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Goobne Story


Goobne chicken has become the most popular oven-roasted chicken brand in KOREA by serving customers with “healthy chicken” since the brand was launched in 2005. Goobne chicken contains less transfat, carbohydrates, sodium and calories since it does not use a single drop of oil during its cooking process. Once the chicken is roasted inside the oven, it will have crunchy outer layer with juicy meat inside, which gives the real taste of chicken itself.

Today, People around the world have high interest in food culinary and are concerned about health. Goobne chicken brings a good healthy K-Food concept for the whole family to enjoy. The word GOOBNE means oven roasted, so it is not oil-fried. Goobne serves good quality oven roasted chicken. It is crispy on the outside, soft inside and low in calories, cholesterol, sodium and trans-fat.

Goobne Chicken is growing into a global brand, representing the new K-tood trend. Our Korean No.1 Oven Roasted Chicken, with over 1000 outlets in Korea, has expanded overseas. Goobne is now making waves in Hong Kong, China, Macao, Japan and Indonesia. In 2018, we are proud to be in Malaysia. Anyeoghaseyo, Malaysial!



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