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My Style, my life. I’m me.

EXTREME is synonymous to fine quality leather to the discerning individuals with good taste and fashion conscious.

Having built its reputation since 2002, the brand promises its unisex leather accessories. It is more than just a product, it is an affirmation of who the wearer is – carrying the individual expression of ‘My Style, My Life, I’m Me’.

Recognized by its bull head icon, EXTREME encompasses three collections – vintage, Classic and Fashion.
The collections cover a wide range of leather goods including bags, belts, wallets and also small accessories like key holders, coin purses, card holders and passport cases.
Creative style, design innovation as well as selection of leather and materials are done locally to specially cater the local market.

EXTREME attract mostly individualist who desires a brand associated with unique products to reflect their self-esteem and confidence.

Rugged Vintage

EXTREME Rugged vintage feature various kinds of leather with distinct texture and hand feel – more like a antique look, for each piece is unique due to the leather’s natural characteristics.

Exquisite hand detailing with strong, simple hand-stitched and embossed designs, makes them appealing to leather addicts who seek functional practicality with rugged element.

Bulk of these products are made with abrasion resistant leather to provide the ultimate protection in hectic condition for prolonged consumer wear time.

The latest product of extreme is easy going and simple to identify with its signature bull head logo as an art nouveau.

Over the past one decade Extreme have forged their own path and consistently to an unprecedented level, enabling to produce superior quality leather wear in limited quantities at affordable prices.

With these extensive designs and colors choices, Vintage fans have wide-ranging selections to express their own identity based on each personality.

Leathers are mainly genuine cowhide, Whiskey Vintage, Crazy Horse, Nubuck, and Nappa imported from America, South America, and Europe.

Classic Look

Classic is all about dark colored genuine milled leather, like the color black and dark brown to give its wearer a smart yet casual look that features urbanized stylishness.

We blend the Almighty blue logo as a trademark to reflect success. The true blue represents pedigree and smartness.

The classic leather collections have a distinctive logo to suit business attires and casual everyday work.

Fashion Sense

Fashion casual outdoor has always bring the norm of the day. We gave a wide range of materials from fabrics, canvas, to ultra light nylon for outdoor activities. These items are durable and trendy for daily usage.

Fashion casual wear resembles the rugged and vibrant characteristics of modern outdoor lifestyle. This casual outdoor wear has been blended with multi colors by Extreme.

Among these fashion casual wears, the reversible belt is our signature item. These belts have an array of multi colors with choices of canvas and mixed leather. It blends functionality with the latest fashions.

Extreme Fashion’s bright label symbolizes energetic and easy going lifestyle.


The Extreme brand emphasis on proper detailing, It is complimented by the touch of solid metal and woodbase on the arrangement of her boutique furnishing.

The intrigue design of Extreme boutique always full with surprises. It is inevitable all metal blends with wood, drifts wood pieces and branches have their own unique design and formation.

Our set-up of a boutique, will be blended with our finest leather hide and finished leather products with an attached metal and wood work stand or shelves. The renovation will be mystique and with our ever popular flow of customers, the shop section will be one of refreshing invigorate look.

From various shades of brown seen by use of wood element to display accessories, wood crates with bolts and nuts as part of decoration, spotlights that give a modern layout illumination, right to its grey wall surrounding.

This ambience triggers an unusual urge for one to step in out of curiosity, before coming to experience a significant difference of being in the store from the modern outlet in the shopping mall.

This set us apart from the rest of our good competitors. Ours being one of new style, and ever passionately individualistic.


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