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It always fun to look back at your childhood and have a good giggle. There are things we don’t want to remember, such as the ridiculous haircut and get rotan by discipline teacher, but the food is something we definitely want to remember. I’m not talking about your mum’s cooking (even though I know that will bring back a lot of memories), I’m talking about the snack from the 70’s-90’s that you loved more than anything.

Snacks these days stand no chance against those from 70’s-90’s. Back when we were allowed to eat sugar all the time, nothing was really gluten free and our parents let us eat sweet cereals from breakfast and sometimes dinner. Let’s get nostalgic and take a trip down the memory lane. These 1970’s-1990’s snacks will probably make you miss the 70’s-90’s more than you ever thought was possible.

You might grow up, but snacking never gets old


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